10 Photos That Prove You Have A Dirty Mind

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Published: 02 February 2016 (3 years ago)
Author: Top 10s

Top 10 photos that prove you have a dirty mind.
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From people wrestling, causing an inappropriate image, to a family of pigs eating, we countdown the top 10 photos that prove you have a dirty mind. In this image, a group of girls are innocently having their picture taken by a lake. But if you look to the corner you see something very surprising. Although this photo seems shocking at first, it’s just another kid’s arm which was caught just at the right moment. This photo looks explicit at first, however if we rotate it, we can clearly see that it’s just an image of a child’s closed eye. This photo has fooled many for years and will likely continue to do so. A woman partying, but it looks like the photographer didn’t choose the best angle to take the shot. The man’s leg falling in-between her’s gives a very adverse effect of what the woman probably thought the photo would turn out like. This image looks incredibly dirty at a first glance. However, if you look closer, you can see that it’s just a group of friends wrestling. This is just a 1970s ad for a bike, however the brand should probably hire a new marketing team, as it appears no one spotted the issue of having the baldy placed bike seat be the same colour as the man’s tight fitting cycling attire. The photo already looks weird because of the 1970s models, and the suggestive bike seat doesn’t help things at all. This dirty-looking image is actually just a group photo of a bunch of friends, but the photographer must not have noticed the foot underneath the man’s. The foot creates a very rude effect, which accompanied by the man’s awkward face, could lead some to think that the foot is a part of his body. This image appears to be two girls at a bar, however one isn’t wearing any clothes. Well, if your eyes saw this at a first glance, they were mistaken, this photo is actually perfectly innocent. What appears to be the lower body of the girl on the right is actually just the girl that’s sitting down’s left leg which is crossed over. This photo of a swimmer about to take off look as if she isn’t wearing a swim suit. It's just her knees. This image looks totally absurd at a first glance, as the girl in pink appears to be. However, if you look at the photo again, you can see that what appears to be the girl in pink’s lower body, is actually just the girl in white’s armpit. This image is just of a baby pig eating in between two grown pigs. However, the camera angle, perspective and shape of the animals leads they eye to believe the image to be a man at first glance.

Baby Arm
Child's Closed Eye
Man's Leg
Man's Arm
Bike Commercial
Girl's Foot
Girl's Crossed Leg
Swimmer's Knees
Girl's Armpit
Pigs Eating

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