Cobalt Air First Flight - A320 From Lca To Ath - New Airlineand39s Inaugural Flight - Gopro Wing View

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Published: 08 June 2016 (3 years ago)
Author: GreatFlyer

Once upon a time, a Douglas DC-3 took off from Nicosia to Athens marking Cyprus Airways' first flight. 70 years later, at the same time, 10:00, Cobalt Air took off from the same county to the same destination marking the beginning of a new era for aviation in Cyprus. Buckle up and enjoy the airline's first ever scheduled flight, FCB718, which was reserved for the media as part of the airline's delegation by the press team. Watch all cabin action including the safety demonstration and in-flight service by the cabin crew as well as all phases of the airline's inaugural flight!

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Beginning to Top of Climb: Seat 18K
Top of Descent to End: Seat 17A

*Cameras Used*
GoPro Hero 3+ Black @ 1080p Superview
Canon Legria HF G30

*Mount Used*
GoPro suction cup mount
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