Veerta The Power Parugu Hindi Dubbed Full Movie Allu Arjun Sheela Kaur Prakash Raj

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Published: 09 August 2018 (11 months ago)
Author: Goldmines Telefilms

Neelakanta is a revered person in the village he resides whose daughters Subbalakshmi and Meenakshi are more than anything for him in the world. Subbalakshmi loves a native called Errababu with whom she elopes on the night of her arranged marriage ceremony. Neelakanta's relative Chinnabbai suspects that Errababu's friends are involved in this and when interrogated brutally, they reveal that two more people, Sarma from Ongole, and Krishna from Hyderabad also helped the couple to elope. By mistaken reference of initials in the names, P. Yagnanarayana Sarma was kidnapped at Ongole while the original man was left unevoked. At Hyderabad, a drunk Krishna is kidnapped at night near his house who is notoriously known for being a nomad and an expert in escaping. They are literally imprisoned at the village's temple, and all of them plan to escape the next early morning by catching a train. While all others almost approach the train next morning, Krishna stops when he sees Meenakshi at an Anjaneya statue and falls in love with her, though Meenakshi is unaware of his presence. They all are kidnapped yet again by Neelakanta's men there and are imprisoned in a small pent house near the main house of Neelakanta. Its doors remain closed an locked and only 3 windows are there where a man can see the entrance door of main house and the nearby flooring and parking area. While his friends are horrified, Krishna is not influenced by the fact that he is in love with a native of the village and on eloping with her, all of them have to face big trouble from the villagers. Meanwhile, Meenakshi tries to speak with them with an intention to find out details about Subbalakshmi and neither Krishna nor his friends can see her face because of the pent house's style of construction.

Movie :- Veerta The Power (Parugu)
Starcast :- Allu Arjun, Sheela Kaur, Prakash Raj
Directed By :- Bhaskar
Music By :- Mani Sharma

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