Kya Baat Ay - Harrdy Sandhu Dallas Bollyhop Workshop Anrene Lynnie Rodrigues Choreography

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Published: 22 October 2018 (5 months ago)
Author: Anrene Lynnie Rodrigues

Hey guys! 👋🏼

So I just conducted a bollyhop workshop in Dallas, Tx last Saturday & here's what went about! 🕺🏽

Thank you to everyone who came out and killed it! ⚡️
Most of you did this for the first time ever! And I’m so proud of each one of you! 👏🏼

I LOVEEEE this song by Harrdy Sandhu & sooo many of you all requested me to do a chore on this! 💥
So well, your wish is my command! 😇


Hope you guys enjoy it! 🤞🏼

If you did then GIVE IT A BIG THUMBS UP! 👍🏼

🎥 - Keith Fernandez

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I’ve always loved dancing, dressing up, singing, acting since I was a very little girl and YouTube helps me put it all out there for you guys to watch, learn, experience and just have fun.
So for those of you who love my dancing, I got you.
Those of you who love my make up tutorials, I got you too.
And for those of you who love my impression/mimicry/comedy videos I got you as well.
And for those of you who love it all, omg I totally got you.
I have something for each one of you’ll, so don’t you worry.
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Ann 💋

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