Back To The Future China The U.s. And The “new Cold War”

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Published: 15 June 2019 (1 day ago)
Author: The Cato Institute

APRIL 9, 2019

Featuring Ali Wyne

Pundits seem increasingly undecided whether we’re living in a new Cold War, or simply making a return to the 1930s. Ali Wyne of the RAND corporation joins us to discuss great power competition, the problem of foreign policy by analogy, and what the global order might look like in the future.

Ali Wyne bio:

Ali Wyne, America’s Blind Ambition Could Make It a Victim of Global Competition, National Interest, February 11, 2019:

Ali Wyne, Questioning the Presumption of a U.S.-China Power Transition, RAND Corporation, January 9, 2019:

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